Well, hello, youve ventured to this page as your checking up on who the idiot writing this blog is. Is he a complete nerd with a beard that looks like he could be a long lost Viking, smells included as you’ve come to expect from a geek these days? Generally the answer to this is a big yes.

My name is Ian Loxam, I’m based in sunny Kendal and I have been playing table top games in some form since I was around 22 years of age. Before that I always had a fascination with Games Workshop miniatures but never really knew that there was a game based around them. I even remember back as a young child buying an old White Dwarf but never reading it, I just wanted to see the awesome models inside.

Yeah that’s me, beard and all.

I started playing Warhammer 40k in the third edition with a little Blood Bowl. Things happened and gaming stopped for a while until my friend and I were drawn back into Warhammer with fantasy 8th edition. From here s a plastic crack addiction ranging from Malifaux, Blood Bowl, Dead Zone, Frostgrave, Kill Team and eventually back too Warhammer 40k in 8th edition with a load of board games thrown in the mix as well.

Me as Judge Loxam, designed by Pete Taylor