For the past couple of years, with the aid of my better half Nikki, we have been running the Lakes International Comic Art Podcast. The podcast was setup to help promote the festival of the same name (minus the podcast of course) and has opened up a whole new world for us. The most surprising part of the show however has been the guests we have been able to get on which has excited and scared us in equal measure. I thought I’d have a run down of some of the guests that stood out for reasons you will see.

Dan Abnett

The first one I’d like to mention and also our latest gust was Dan Abnett who’s work includes Sinister Dexter for 2000AD, creating the Guardians of the Galaxy, writing Gaunt’s Ghosts and kicking off the mammoth Horus Heresy series of books as well as continuing to create stories for the series). As with many gusts I simply sent him a message asking if he’d like to be on the show. I send these assuming it will be a no as these people are far too busy creating this amazing worlds, yet, as usually happens, they soon reply saying yes. Dan was an amazing person to talk too. He so obviously loves what he does and strives to create the best stories he can whether through a novel, through comics or games. The chat with Dan will be available on June 1st.

Charlie Adlard

The Walking Dead drawn by Charlie Adlard

Charlie is best known for drawing the Walking Dead comic from issue number 7, 15 years creating zombies. Many of the TV shows characters are based off his work so to have Charlie as our first ever interview was scary as hell. He was, and still is however a true gentleman and happily explained how his career came about and the comics he’s created. He came back again on episode 46 to discuss his time as Comics Laurette and again he was a true gent.

Ian Livingstone

So lets get this right, we create a podcast based on comics and one of our earliest interviews we get to chat to one half of the creators of Games Workshop who also created Fighting Fantasy books which you loved reading as child. Never in a million years did I think this would happen, yet on just episode 3 it did. Ian came on to discuss the comic adaptation of his Fighting Fantasy book Freeway Fighter which had been written by Andi Ewington. The chat featured Ian, Andi, artist Simon Coleby, executive producer Matt Mastracci plus Titan brand manager Chris Thompson. It was so hard not too just focus on Ian, but we did get a little bit on the creation of GW from him.

There have been other amazing creators, in fact everyone weve interviewed has been amazing. Its been a learning curve and we still make mistakes now when we interview. I remember when we got to interview crime novelist Ian Rankin I managed to say the incorrect number of books that he had created which he didn’t seem too amused about. I also remember on just our 2nd episode making an issue that women weren’t covered enough in comics with Emma Vieceli which she’d been asked so many times, well it didn’t go down well and she teased me on the spot.

Our worst mistake, well mine was doing an interview with editor John Freeman face to face, and having the hand held recorder incorrectly setup so it didn’t record. Luckily he didn’t live far away so we could redo it, but it definitely taught be a lesson on checking the tools before the interview.

The podcast logo created by Pete Taylor

I look forward to the future and what it brings and thank every one of our guests, as well as the podcast contributors Pete, Mike & Tom plus of course my co-host Nicole. Its been a great ride. Find out more about the podcast here, and until next time…

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