Top 3 – Space Marine Models

I thought, in the typical age of lists that the internet lives on, I’d start doing my own. I thought I’d keep it to a top 3 and so this starts today with top 3 Warhammer 40k Space Marine models. These are my own personal opinions of course.

Primaris Vanguard Librarian

I adore this model. Space Marine librarians have always felt a little uptight. Designed to sit back and fire off warp energy to buff your units or blow up the minds of the enemies. This however has a movement about it in fitting with the vanguard marines. These guys are usually found up front on the battlefield hidden away ready to sneak out and destroy whilst the main force is moving up the battlefield.

With Space Marine HQ options they often have these lavish cloaks that are attached to their backs via a huge collar. Whilst looking amazing they always seemed a little bit of a hindrance. The cloak or shawl that this librarian has on feels like it’s doing something. Designed to assist in hiding the character it feels a useful moveable piece of clothing that is there for a job, not for show. This then leads to his force sword which finishes off this model to perfection.

Ironclad Dreadnought

I love dreadnoughts, love them. They are the reason I play as Iron Hands (no not because there were powerful for a minute there), no because the lore states they use a lot of dreadnoughts. Back in third edition when I started playing they were one of the few armies that could have a dreadnought as a HQ choice (if I remember correctly).

I had to decide however which of the dreadnoughts I liked the most. The new Redemptor dreadnoughts are huge beasts and are of a much better scale than the older models. They certainly fit better with Primaris marines and are the size they should be, however there a little too clean and neat. The original dreadnought & venerable are good looking still but there’s something about the Ironclad that stands out. It’s bulky, and unwieldy but I can imagine if this lumbered over you you would be scared. There’s nothing you could do to stop it. Whilst not the best model rules wise, I do like the rules and often due to its size it’s ignored in favour of the Redemptors which is a mistake as when it gets up close, your dead meat.

Deathwing Knight Terminators

Terminators are such great models however sadly there rules just don’t cut it anymore. They have their uses however there’s newer models that can do similar things but better. I will say however that if I ran a Dark Angels army these guys would be in the army no matter what. They look so dark and fearsome with a hulking frame and huge weapons but with a strong religious overtone towards the Emperor that says don’t mess with us. Everything about these models screams powerful and if they deep strikes behind my lines I know I’d throw every gun possible at them until they were down.

Also the fact the Flail is such a powerful close combat weapon also adds to this awesome looking unit. In fact when I initially considered coming back to 40k I bought the start of a Dark Angels army purely on this unit.

What are your top 3? Let me know on the Grump Geek Facebook group

A Rant About Games Workshop Fans (or are they?)

The internet is a wonderful place at times and there are some amazing communities covering all areas, especially Warhammer. Sadly amongst these great communities there are many negative (toxic) people who’s life long struggle is to whinge and moan about a topic they are supposedly a huge fan of.

Games Workshop have made mistakes in the past, huge mistakes. There was a period of time where they actually shut themselves down, deleting all social media accounts and seemingly focusing on nothing but sales. They changed their magazines to essentially regular catalogues and seemingly ignored any customer interaction at all. In some ways you can’t blame them. Prior to this they had forums on their website which were nothing more than a toxic minefield of ‘fans’ complaining which they moderated. The depressing comments and whinges would be enough to put anyone off having an open system.

So what were people complaining about? Exactly the same things as today. When’s my army coming out? Why’s this so expensive? This isn’t fair… that isn’t fair… it was better when… why don’t you… whinge whinge whinge. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion and we can all state our opinion but if your a fan of a system why be so negative about it?


Some people seem to have the opinion that Games Workshop is the enemy. They are out to drain our bank accounts but do so with little or no care to the customer what’s so ever. You see this with comments with people saying their not surprised at certain actions or stating that the company doesn’t care. Now, lets look at the company. Yes its essentially governed by shareholders all chomping for their pennies at year end however its run by hobby fans. The bare bones are a core team of people who are trying there hardest to make rules and models that people will love. They don’t want us to hate them, they want us to enjoy their products and buy more of them. The sculptors are working hard creating models they hope we will love, and they arnt always successful however they are trying. Whilst its all fair to state you don’t like a model, fans tend to go way over the top on disliking it. The writers are creating fiction and rules that they hope will work within the game and sell models and trying to balance this at the same time. Mistakes are made yes and whilst the company was slow to act on these in the past, they are now much quicker. Imagine trying to balance a system with so many units, armies and rules as well as keeping it fun to play, fit within the lore and have all the armies feel different.


I think what annoys me is not people who complain about certain rules or models, but those that complain with an anger and hate towards the company. If you feel like they why play their games? Why join fan groups? If you hate the company and what it does stop giving them money and go and play a different game as if the only enjoyment you get is moaning to people who do enjoy the games well, we don’t want you in what is a great community. I will say this, there is under all moaning a great community of gamers who enjoy the games they play and really this is what we should focus on. Until next time…

Edit: I just want to add after numerous comments that I’m not sitting here stating we have no right to moan and should just buy all the products. You have the right to feedback, say what you enjoy or don’t enjoy and criticise this company and any other. That’s very different from the hate that I’m discussing here. Very different. I even took out the word ‘toxic’ as someone stated that wasn’t a good word to use. I actually disagree now. The people who I’m discussing here are toxic and it happens in all forms of fandom sadly. The internet is mainly to blame for giving faceless people a platform but unfortunately it ruins it for others as they spout their pointless hateful drivel to all. There, rant over…

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