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I’ve tried many blog sites over the years always with the best of intentions. This one has a domain name attached so it has to work right?

My plan for this whole lockdown was to become much more productive and create and make and design. I have so far failed on this and done very little. I sarted off very well paiting up some Blood Bowl minatures as well as assembling a Last Days squad but other than that its kind of dried up. Oh no, I bought and paintined a goblin to lead my Frostgrave orcs into battle once freedom comes around once again. 

I did however order Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave as a game that I could play with my other half Nicole. She has, whislt tried, never been a fan of minature based games however she has enjoyed card games in the past, particularly Yu GI Oh. I too have dabbled in a little Magic the Gathering and so I felt this game, with its mix of card based collectables with hex based board gaming would be ideal.img_1172I will do a full review on Beastgrave down the line once weve played a few more games, however so far its been enjoyable. We haven’t strayed from the basic decks which come bundled in the game however the urge for more has already struck. Within days I had ordered a booster pack and the Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers were soon added to the game. Its amazing how different each warband is and how much the cards change how they play. 

We hope to play more of this with Nikki playing the elven warband Skeaths Wild Hunt, and myself continuing with the big old ogre hunter. Lockdown has been funny  however and has managed to drain me. Ive been lucky enough to have a podcast to keep me going, with a HUGE Warhammer based guest coming on soon plus I tried my hand at making a short movie which I’ll add here. It was in aid of a competition ran by director Roger Corman, to create a short movie, under 2 minutes within the confines of your house only using a phone. I really enjoyed this and hope to create more in the future. Anyway, that’s enough rambling, enjoy the movie and until next time.

Trapped from Ian Loxam on Vimeo.

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