Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Here we go again! Yup I’m writing a new blog post which will no doubt include plans for the year ahead which will quite easily be forgotten about within a few weeks as life takes over and the joy of eating a deep fried chicken leg overtakes the feeling of pain from doing 20 press ups at 6am in the morning.

I say this but this time I will stick to it… I will … I promise. I intend to sue this blog to ensure I stick at it, to ensure I loose some weight. I recently hit the grand old age of 45 and I am ever increasingly aware that I’m at least half way through my life, and if I want to ensure I have another 44 years I have to improve my health and overall fitness. I used to work on my feet all day in retail however during the past 5 years I’ve became a desk jockey, looking at a screen and answering phone calls. I’ve turned into a couch potato in all aspects of my life which I know isn’t healthy or good for me.

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So what are my goals and plans?

Exercise- I will lay out a 6 month exercise plan using a fitness tracking booklet (on its way from the wonderful Amazon) where I will note calories and exercises done each day along with measurement’s on my body monthly. I hope to see changes here.

Reading- I don’t read. Simple! so any reading I do is an improvement, I at a minimum want to rad a book a month so 12 books a year. I will use the Goodreads reading challenge to show this which I will link here once setup. I feel this will help my chill and reduce any stress from work or life.

Support- I’d love to see the readers of this page work along with me as I follow this journey. I will be putting up how I’ve done and what I’ve done to achieve any results I get (or what I have to change should those results not happen). If your working alongside me then shout out. Get in contact or use the hashtag #grumpfitness on twitter.

So let’s see how we do with updates every Sunday starting 8th January 2023. Wish me luck!

I’ll be using Simply Cook meals to help balance my potion sizes.

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