Pounding it away

So here I am again writing the same thing I know I’ve written before but I don’t want to have to write again. The post is about weight loss and generally being overweight. I’ve been a larger lad for as long as I can remember. I’ve always and legs that would stand proud in any forest.

I’ve never been sporty. At school a played some rugby, mainly used as a prop to push the opposite team away but little in the way of running with the ball or being in the correct positions. I never actually enjoyed sport much, with the exception of tennis, so just didn’t do it. This is probably due to being overweight and not being as quick or fast as others. Stamina would also of been an issue.

I did spend some time on the gym earlier in the decade and lost a fair few stone building up muscle. I was so proud of my achievement however I didn’t do this correctly. I ate low calorie on purpose but this food wasn’t something I’d choose to eat. It was fuel to stop me being hungry and that was all. Due to this I slowly went back to old routines. The gym went away as I become lazy and the weight returned.

Lock down has also not helped as has moving from retail where I was always on my feet to a desk based job the past three years. Weight has piled on, to the point where for the first time in my life I feel unhealthy. Age I’m sure isn’t helping but if I’m to enjoy my life, enjoy social times and be the best person I can be I need to loose a lot of pounds and it needs to happen now.

So what’s the plan? Well I need to get fitter first of all. The plan is to build muscle initially from home using resistance bands. I can feel it working already and intend to work on this three times a week. I’m also not massively changing my diet. Breakfast is poached eggs to fill me up and keep me going all morning. Lunch will be some sort of salad with nuts, fish or humus to fill me up. My evening meal will be whatever’s being cooked until he house but in smaller quantities. I need to make this last, not just be a diet.

I how to do regular posts on this and show improvements as well as how this is benefiting my mentally and within the geek hobbyscape too. Untill then….

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