Smile, it’s Indomitus

So I thought I’d do a quick update post on how it’s been in the land of Games Workshop and searching for the mystical Indomitus box set. After loosing out to a copy I actually managed to get multiple options of getting hold of a copy at RRP, which has been amazing. My friend and I will have our two copies on or around launch day as planned.

Games Workshop however have now introduced a print on demand option so those that missed out can order one copy and have that soon (not for launch). This response is perfect and I thank GW for doing this.

This also should slow down the eBay scalpers as they will now be sat with stock they can’t sell at a high price which is superb. Anything to make them suffer and reduce their profit margin. So, yeah, brilliant role on July 25th 😊

Indomitus Rage

Well Games Workshop, I listened and took everything in you’ve spouted the past few weeks. The announcement of 9th edition and the Indomitus box set was so exciting and the hype that GW built up was superb. I was excited, my friends were excited. The box set was set a price of £125 which was a fair price, a very fair price. The plan was for me to buy two, which were to be split between my friend and I so we both got loss of models and a rule book each to dive into 9th edition with a huge smile on our faces.

Then yesterday (July 11th 2020) happened. The preorders were set for 10am and everyone who was into 40k was ready to grab their new toys. Understandably websites went down as they couldn’t handle the traffic. I was sat ready to order direct from Element Games as they are known for good prices and quick delivery. I could not get onto the site at all as it crashed but I kept trying. I also tried the main Games Workshop site and had no luck as that kept crashing as well. I decided to try some other sites and managed to get onto Goblin Gaming and order one (they were only allowing one per person which is fair enough). I then also managed to order from GW with a lot of refreshing and back tracking.

All good then yes? Well no… the story continues as around 5pm I get an email from Goblin Gaming to advise their sales system had messed up and they had oversold. Now these things happen and I get it, but to have them tell me so late in the day was annoying when they knew much earlier. If they’d of told me quickly in the morning I could of tried alternative options to get hold of a copy but no, by the time they let me know all options were gone so we are now left with one copy which is better than nothing but not what we wanted.

So what’s gone wrong? Games Workshop have been pushing this as a limited product yes, but one that was more time limited than stock limited. They had made it clear there is a lot of stock… a lot. It was made out that it wouldn’t be an issue getting one if your quick. Having a two week preorder time period makes out that’s there’s time to get what you need.

They also had a lot of stock going to independent retailers but then pulled back on the numbers the day before preorder cutting numbers for these shops reducing the profit they would make in the process. Let’s be honest they’ve messed up. They’ve built up hype and then not had the product in sufficient quantity to back it up and thus they have upset and wound up their loyal customer base. They even advised initially you could buy 6 at a time which was reduced to 3 which only happens as people moaned eBay sellers would grab them. This is another factor that says they have plenty of stock.

Now onto eBay sellers. People have managed to get hold of copies and are selling them at silly prices online. There’s a lot of these with rumours going on that some have managed to buy silly amounts of copies via many different retailers. I’m not sure how GW could stop this other than having a LOT of stock which is what should of happened.

Overall the community are unhappy with a company who has built up all this excitement and I’m really annoyed personally with both GW and Goblin Gaming. Writing this won’t get me anywhere however I hope it adds to the backlash online and that GW will make amends to this and bring out more copies of this box set. We shall see…

Top 3 – Space Marine Models

I thought, in the typical age of lists that the internet lives on, I’d start doing my own. I thought I’d keep it to a top 3 and so this starts today with top 3 Warhammer 40k Space Marine models. These are my own personal opinions of course.

Primaris Vanguard Librarian

I adore this model. Space Marine librarians have always felt a little uptight. Designed to sit back and fire off warp energy to buff your units or blow up the minds of the enemies. This however has a movement about it in fitting with the vanguard marines. These guys are usually found up front on the battlefield hidden away ready to sneak out and destroy whilst the main force is moving up the battlefield.

With Space Marine HQ options they often have these lavish cloaks that are attached to their backs via a huge collar. Whilst looking amazing they always seemed a little bit of a hindrance. The cloak or shawl that this librarian has on feels like it’s doing something. Designed to assist in hiding the character it feels a useful moveable piece of clothing that is there for a job, not for show. This then leads to his force sword which finishes off this model to perfection.

Ironclad Dreadnought

I love dreadnoughts, love them. They are the reason I play as Iron Hands (no not because there were powerful for a minute there), no because the lore states they use a lot of dreadnoughts. Back in third edition when I started playing they were one of the few armies that could have a dreadnought as a HQ choice (if I remember correctly).

I had to decide however which of the dreadnoughts I liked the most. The new Redemptor dreadnoughts are huge beasts and are of a much better scale than the older models. They certainly fit better with Primaris marines and are the size they should be, however there a little too clean and neat. The original dreadnought & venerable are good looking still but there’s something about the Ironclad that stands out. It’s bulky, and unwieldy but I can imagine if this lumbered over you you would be scared. There’s nothing you could do to stop it. Whilst not the best model rules wise, I do like the rules and often due to its size it’s ignored in favour of the Redemptors which is a mistake as when it gets up close, your dead meat.

Deathwing Knight Terminators

Terminators are such great models however sadly there rules just don’t cut it anymore. They have their uses however there’s newer models that can do similar things but better. I will say however that if I ran a Dark Angels army these guys would be in the army no matter what. They look so dark and fearsome with a hulking frame and huge weapons but with a strong religious overtone towards the Emperor that says don’t mess with us. Everything about these models screams powerful and if they deep strikes behind my lines I know I’d throw every gun possible at them until they were down.

Also the fact the Flail is such a powerful close combat weapon also adds to this awesome looking unit. In fact when I initially considered coming back to 40k I bought the start of a Dark Angels army purely on this unit.

What are your top 3? Let me know on the Grump Geek Facebook group

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