What a Lazy T***

Well my last post worked well didn’t it? Those weekly tracker posts of how I lost all that weight went well didn’t they? Erm no no they didn’t!

So why I have to ask myself, why when I had good intentions didn’t they go well?

Why didn’t any of my ideas stick? Let’s see…. Coffee van man, podcaster (of three podcasts now), Grump Geek YouTube channel, tourism channel, Ghibli channel, video producing etc etc

I have come to the conclusion after 43 years that I am just lazy. Bloody lazy. I want success that matches wining the lottery and it never happens. I can’t even win the lottery correctly either. It never happens as I never put the effort in. I never stick with ideas and force them through.

I am however full of excuses which I play to myself constantly. No one will listen. It won’t make a difference. How do I do this? I don’t have enough money. I can’t be arsed!

Looking cool

Just lazy! I’ve listened to a lot of celebrity autobiographies… the ones who are successful of course not people who are famous for being on Big Brother only. They all make it clear that hard work is the key and giving it all drives success and I know this… yet I’m lazy.

I enjoy my relaxing in front of the sofa, feet up after a solid day at work watching a new Marvel series thinking how I could podcast on this and tel the world my thoughts. I do t do this however as the next series is starting and I need to watch that.

My dilemma is how I get myself out of this mindset. I kind of know where to start and that’s with exercise. I need to boost my energy by loosing weight and getting myself fit.

This requires effort!

So where do I come from here? I don’t know. I want to start exercising and just need to do it. From there we shall see, maybe even more posts here. Who knows?

Until next time whenever that may be….

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